Frequently asked question on investment plans

The minimum amount is 100,000

The meaning tenor is 90 days

The interest rate depends on the amount and maturity period. It is negotiable.

Yes you you can, however accrued interest may be charged depending on the type of interest payments chosen

Interest and principal payments can be paid in to your account of choice monthly, quarterly or upon maturity.

Yes! Absolutely you can.


Frequently asked question on Loan Acquisition

visit any of our closest branch.

Interest rate varies from 5% to 9% depending on the loan product

  1. Four(4) passport photograph (both applicant and guarantor).
  2. You must have a business
  3. Mode of identity (drivers license, voters card, international passport places, BVN)
  4. A guarantor (a business person or salary earner).
  5. Account statement for employee loans.

You can get as low as 20,000 and as high as 1 million subject to assessment.

  1. You can make transfer from correspondent (other banks to your Gemstone account).
  2. Payment can be made in in any of our branches.
  3. Payment can be made through our field canvassers.

No. family members may not be used as guarantors

While we encourage you to save for a brighter future, you do not have to save before applying for a loan.

Yes Gemstone gives out loans to Salary earners

For more information about Gemstone Loans and Savings products, kindly contact us on 07061695545, 08082325226. You can also stop by in person at any of our branches across Nigeria Listed Above.

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