About Gemstone Microfinance

lifting as many Nigerians as possible above the poverty line.

Gemstone Microfinance is a non-bank agricultural microfinance cooperative society. It is a registered national member of the Association of Non-Bank Microfinance Institutions of Nigeria (AMFIN). The society is also registered and regulated in every state where it currently operates.

- Joseph Ojiezele


With an annual turnover of NI.2 Billion, the financial services arm (RC: 1587936) of Gemstone Microfinance has been instrumental to the success stories recorded by its over 27,000 active members in the last two years of operation.

In its two years of operation, Gemstone Microfinance has provided over N2 Billion in credits to its members in the agricultural business sector across its twenty-eight (28) branches in sixteen(16) states and the Federal Capital Territory. The society’s main focus has been the development of the crop and livestock production, logistics, food processing and retail subsectors.

Our Core Values

What makes us better as a Company


To provide affordable credit services to our members in a professionally unique manner. To promote the entrepreneurial spirit in our members through our total business development training and financing scheme.


To build a unique society focused on providing creative solutions to businesses and to improve the quality oflife of members and the community.


Our corporate responsibility is preserved in our common goals and is best expressed in our vision and mission statements. It is manifested in our core values. Upon these, our business success has been built.


Our goal is to be the preferred partner on poverty allievation schemes both locally and at international levels, driving Responsible Inclusive Finance at the grassroots as well as SME financing to support members and the society.

Our Milestone at Glance

₦1.2 Billion

Loans have been approved since 2019

207,000 +

Happy Customer with Satisfactory

Management Team

Meet the Best of Professionals

Joseph Ojiezele

Chief Executive Officer

Tukur Mohammed

General Manager

Ajayi Femi

Group Head of Operations

Yusuf Misitura

Head of Risk and Marketing